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Get to know Augmented Press

Posted at 20 November 2019, by

​What is Augmented Press?

Every day your marketers are waging a continuous battle with an infinite number of competitors, for your readers’ attention on the web, and it’s only getting worse. In such an environment, you can’t afford to overlook any new technology advantage.

Today’s marketers settle for flat presentation of a single call to action, to increase website conversion rate.

However, we’ve proven that readers are more likely to convert on various calls to action, once Augmented Press makes your Value Proposition comes to life, as of getting more captivating.

The Conversion Rate of a website is the percentage of visitors achieving this website goal, for instance:

  • Register
  • Reaching the checkout page (on an e-commerce website)
  • Play for the website viral by sharing its content
  • Invite new users to get registered
  • Filling out a particular form
  • Other …

Concretely, an Augmented Press is a Responsive 3D Decorated Scene that allows you to innovate your web attractiveness:

  • A scene is a background image that recalls your Value Proposition, and that should be augmented with decorators.
  • A decorator is either:
      1. a Quiz
      2. a Survey
      3. 360 degres image or video, spherique image or video
      4. an image (for instance an animated gif, jpg, png, etc)
      5. a frame containing one or multiple articles…
      6. a video which is either self hosted or hosted by a video service provider like Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion…

360° Video
360° Picture

A scene holds one or multiple decorators. Please note while you are free from positionning a decorator wherever you wish on a scene, the decorated scenes are RESPONSIVE.

In order to get what a decorated scene actually is, and may be starting to figure out what your website design can benefit from, let see a simple showcase that is composed of:

How to rapidly implement the Augmented Press?

From the implementation point of view, Augmented Press consists of a WordPress Plugin that allows you to layout so-called decorators on a scene.

  Adding Augmented Press merely as a plugin to your WordPress website!
  A custom Augmented Press based on SYMFONY PHP Framework
  A custom Augmented Press suitable for any other platform…

What Augmented Press provides you with?

Augmented Press provides you with a user friendly interface by which you can put your Value Proposition into action, as a set of 3D responsive decorated scenes.

As a WordPress plugin (or other platform), you can use the Augmented Press user friendly interface in order to:

  1. Position one or multiple decorators on a scene.
  2. Embed your decorated scenes inside your articles, just by clicking on a button within the toolbox of WordPress rich text editor.
  3. Being coupled with Gamification Features, Augmented Press also provides you with statistics about the users actions on the decorators, for further Artificial Intelligence
      1. Tracking whether a user clicked on any decorated image…
      1. Tracking whether a user completed the reading of any decorated video…

Contact us now for furthermore information by clicking on “Contact us about Augmented Press“.

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