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Is your website actually modern?

Posted at 30 November 2019, by

​Commonly, when it comes to a modern Website, or a Website at the cutting edge of Technology, we think of a user-friendly interface, uncluttered and multi-screens (smartphone, tablet, and computer).

However, if these user interface requirements are actually important, they may turn out to be useless if your website overlook 3 other essential requirements that are in order of importance:

  • The response time
  • The cyber security
  • The monitoring
User-friendly Interface
Cyber Security
Response Time
Uncluttered Interface

Let’s see why these 3 requirements are just as important as those on the user interface.

Firstly, how fast your website loads is a critical point, and so it should not be overlooked. It is often admitted that the response time of a website should not exceed 3 seconds. For a modern website, this requirement is just as essential, since users are more and more excited and volatile.

Secondly, nowadays, the real question goes to whether your website is cyber-secured enough in order to thwart the inevitable daily intrusion attempts. Indeed, the consequences of a single successful cyber-attack can range from data theft to damage coupled with ransom demands.
However, the worst is coming, because some open sources software, intended for penetration testing, are hijacked by beginner cyber-attackers, to sustain attacks as more and more massive and automated. Such a singularity simplifies the skill level required to launch waves of cyber-attacks. This is how cyber-attacks are becoming within the reach of a growing number of cyber-attackers. By attempting to abuse vulnerabilities in cyber security, having a low level of skill, many of these cyber-attackers are all the more likely to create irreversible damage to Web servers.

Finally, given the requirements of awareness and anticipation required for nowadays Business, automatic monitoring of software and hardware has become obvious. Indeed, even if your Web server meets your business needs, it should be felt up to 24 hours a day, thanks to a Reactive Monitoring System, please take a look on how by clicking here.

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