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We back you with Augmented Press, as an Inbound Marketing Tool, to help revealing and sharing what actually make the key difference with your competitors, for instance in term of a Sustainable Development.

Indeed, nowadays more and more consumers are becoming ConsumActors, as they want to drive the Purchasing Process, and they no longer want to be subject to the Unfair Digital Advertising.

Augmented Press helps you to stage an Eye-catching and Interactive design with Quizzes and Surveys, and within various points of view: 2D, 3D, and perspective.

Linux Web Server Administration, Monitoring and Cyber-Security

We manage safely your Linux Web Server Administration and Monitoring, including without control panel, but upon proven scripts, keeping the operating system up to date and the gate closed for security vulnerabilities.

Is the Cyber-Security of your Small or Medium Enterprise effective and sustainable ?

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Empower the Quality of your Software for a Continuous Improvement Web Service

It is more or less easy to develop software. However, it is much more difficult, without excessive costs, to maintain a software sustainably at the level of Quality up to a Profitable Business. This is deeply rooted into the fact that "the life cycle of the software in production" is not actually taken into account, at the design and development stage...

Example of Inbound Marketing showcase made with Augmented Press, see its Offer here.

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