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Augmented Press Showcase – Enjoy Benin Sightseeing

Posted at April 16, 2017, by O. QUENUM.

This Augmented Press showcases the sightseeing in Benin.
This Augmented Press showcases the sightseeing in Safari and Historical Sites like the Kingdom of Dahomey in Benin.

Enjoy BENIN Sightseeing

The Republic of Benin embeds a territory that was once the cradle of several kingdoms, including the most famous Dahomey or Danhome in Fon language.

Some main cities:

  • Porto-Novo: Administrative Capital
  • Cotonou: Economic Capital
  • Abomey: Located 145 km from Cotonou, this historic city was the capital of the kingdom of Dahomey from 1620 to 1900.

Having been an historical capital, the city of Abomey preserves great wealth of the famous Dahomey kingdom (image from

Statue depicting King Behanzin in Abomey, King of Dahomey from 1890 to 1894, "I WILL NEVER AGREE TO SIGN ANY TREATY THAT MAY ALIENATE THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE LAND OF MY ROOTS" (image from

Furthermore, please feel free to visit the web site where the above pictures come from.


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