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Cyber Security and Agile Fortification
Set up HTTPS to protect the privacy of your e-visitors
Making your existing HTTPS more stronger !!!
Are you sure your website is actually secure enough ?
What are you always doing to prevent your website security vulnerabilities VS a risky game of have to fix damages ?
Diagnoze now the HTTPS security level of your website at
For instance, check the HTTPS security level of our website ( at
Optimize the loading time of the key-pages
Optimize the processing time of the source code
Optimize the processing time of the database
Decreasing key pages load time can drastically increase conversions !

As of the surveys done by Akamai and, about half of web users expect a website to load within less than 2 seconds. They tend to abandon a website that doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

So, let assure how your website complies for loading just in time ?.

Migrate from a Wordpress theme to another
Migrate from Wordpress to another CMS or vice versa
Set up an automatique backup of your website database
How do you prevent not to lose data or functions after the migration process ?
Are you sure your website is actually backed up automatically ?
Have you already tested one of your backups ?
HTML, Javascript, PHP and SQL for dummies and advanced users
Master Linux thanks to handy bash scripts, with Nginx, Apache HTTP, MySQL and MariaDB
Get to know Apache Cordova and Ionic in order to develop your mobile APP on iOS and Android
Won’t you like to save money and time by using a technology that allows you to develop for both iOS and Android at the same time ?