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Until when will the Unfair Digital Advertising manage a money leak in each consumer’s budget?

In the era of the Participative Web, where the influence of the ConsumActors is expanding, it becomes possible to steer our way of consuming as an effective lever to lift the Real Economy. Henceforth, it is urging any Business to empower the Participative Web, in particular by providing Quizzes and Surveys to back ConsumActors’s activities. The goal goes to communicate collectively on Commercial Engagements in order to benefit an Exponential Business Growth…

We wish to provide any Small Business or Blogger with the Augmented Press as an innovative and interactive tool to communicate collectively the Engagements on its Brand as well as on its Products and Services.

We have chosen a pricing much lower than the actual value of the Augmented Press. So if you get satisfied with the Augmented Press, then we rely on your sponsorship so that we can continue to improve the Augmented Press.


Offer of Augmented Press Custom Proposal

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