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The Consumer is becoming a ConsumActor

Posted at December 15, 2018, by O. QUENUM.


A ConsumerActor demands to fully involve his intelligence on purchasing. A ConsumerActor no longer wants to be passive and he does not want to get imposed what to buy (especially via advertisements).


ConsumActor’s Motivation

As a consumer that is aware of its influence, a ConsumActor wants a trusted straight on interactive relationship with its suppliers and providers. Hence, a ConsumActor avoids relationships over non interactive medias… Indeed, not only these outdated relationships are costly, they PROMPT people to buy goods and services, even if not needed, while purposely overlooking people intelligence as well as the impact on the Environment.

Too often, still nowadays, a consumer is disclosed some unwanted characteristics of a product or a service once purchased. Those unwanted characteristics include planned obsolescence or a negative impact of the supplier on the environment or the society. Worse still, if the consumer demonstrates disappointment, it only rarely turns into compensation or (even better) in strategic change on the Value Chain of the supplier… In fact, everything goes like if the consumer, including loyal, is not a potential “Customer is King” or “Profitable Customer”. Henceforth the disappointment of the consumer get mingled with the feeling of being abused and the impression that the product or service supplier promotes some of these assertions:

  1. “It’s too late, we have received your payment and you cannot do anything against”
  2. “Too bad for you, you are not an exception because others have been dissatisfied like you”
  3. “We are too big for you; you have to know that even a government cannot do anything against us, because we represent thousands of jobs…”
  4. “Now it’s the next pigeon’s turn, and you cannot change it”

The Driver Seat of an Exponential Business Growth

However, at the time of the interactive or participative Web, the consumer is rising more and more as a ConsumActor who wants to know more about the brands that he is dealing with. The ConsumActor wants to maintain its own sharing sphere of Customer Experiences or influences. The ConsumActor sphere consists in a set of Actions and Knowledge or Trusted Content. The goal goes to push the comparison beyond any purchasing process before it gets done.

By letting Brands get to know about its activities, the ConsumActor seeks to influence the Value Chain, and to finally recover the Driver Seat of an Exponential Business Growth.

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However, are there other characteristics equally essential to compare?
Prior to purchase a product or a service, we use to essentially compare its price and quality.


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